Our Web Site's Goals

Research conducted by Council and the community has identified barriers that prevent people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Brisbane from participating fully in community life. These include:

- difficulty accessing information and services

- communication and language barriers

- experiences of poverty and disadvantage

- difficulty accessing employment and training opportunities

- difficulty accessing transport services

- lack of appropriate and affordable housing

- experience of cultural and social exclusion

- experiences of racism and discrimination

- lack of understanding about the role of local government and other authorities

So we want to help migrate and refugees people to find out true information .

Emergency Numbers In Brisbane

The Department of Emergency Services in Brisbane is committed to regularly improve the quality of their services so as to elevate the position of Australia into one of the top tourist destinations of the world.


Lifeline (Counseling) 13 11 14 خط زندگی

Gas Emergencies/Leaks 1 800 808526حوادث گاز

Electricity Emergencies 13 62 62 حوادث برق